Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lately I've been real bad and haven't been drawing like I ought to be. I'm gonna try to pick it up some more this month and I figured that there was no better way than to finish a previous started drawing. The preliminary for this drawing should be in older posts. Basically, I liked this photo quite a bit, the pose had style and the fashion was interesting and attractive.

What the hell ever happened to women wearing hats? Bring it back!

Anyway, I never finished the hat on this one and I stumbled upon the drawing as I was using my sketchbook to transport legal documents. I thought, the best way to get back on track would be to finish the hat off and get back in the habit. So voila.

I used my sharpie and a gray scale pen I picked up at Pat Catans, plus some old black markers for some of the not quite black areas.

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