Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tool Sober Diorama

I did this a while ago for a commission. i was a two piece diorama set based on the music video for Sober by Tool. Two two pieces could be separated and they were intended to be somewhat like bookends. The 'meat' in the pipe is movable using a hidden lever and where the hole is, there is a replaceable piece to the metal pipe. The second piece, with the guy pinned to the wall, has a sliding plexiglass door.

Overall, I did a lot of experimentation with this and it was a great learning project. I was quite happy with it in the end and was somewhat sad to see it go.

EDIT: I should probably add a link to the video as well...


  1. That diorama is awesome, what materials did you use to make it?

    Do you make & sell these? If so how much do you sell them for?


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