Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kudlak Comic Book Pages

Right, well this only took me four months to do. I started looking for comic book writers looking for artists during this spurt of pro-activity I had in late March. This is the same spurt of pro-activity that resulted in me being in Japan. Overall, a pretty successful spurt now that I think about it. But yeah, I averaged about a page a month on this one. I decided to do it larger than actual comic book sizes so I could have more space for details and such, so that took time. Plus, inking and various extras as well. It was a pretty involved process and I think I want to do much different next time around. I suppose that's what these things are for.

The story is about two guys hanging in a meat locker, having both been previously captured by these gremlin vampire creatures. They have a discussion about various things such as their employers and facing up to troublesome supernatural creatures. Eventually, the young one saves himself with a coin knife and donates a magic toothpick to his friend. The story ends just prior their confrontation with the Kudlak (little creepy vampires).

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