Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unfinished Business and Quick Sketches

This one, roughly two hours. I was just working on it and got sick of it as I've made too many little errors. But, it was fun to use the ink and brush.

These two are one of about 15 envelope and block-in sketches I do for warm ups. It's a good visual exercise and a lot of times they look kind of cool in their simplicity.
Don't really like this guy, but I had some success mixing color with inks.

This one is Aayla Secura from the recent three Star Wars films. From envelope to block in to preliminary sketch. Just above it was the re-draw I did on better paper anticipating I'd go in with the inks. I've got some blue and violet inks that I might go in with next if I'm feeling ambitious. I messed up on the should sockets and I think her hips are too wide, but that what you get for using toys for models. She was actually the creation of the talents Sith_Fire30, who is displayinghte base image for this sketch here: http://sithfire.blogspot.com/

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  1. Hey Helix! Just happened upon you post and really dig the sketchwork there! Especially that of Aayla! Great job!!!



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