Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Orson Randall: Iron Fist 1916

Something different? I do these perhaps more often than I draw, though they're much more time consuming and cost a hellava lot more. This is Iron Fist, of which you saw somewhere around my first post. Though while the painting down below is of a more Kung Fu Iron Fist, this is in the WWI style, as there have been many to hold the Iron Fist title over the centuries. He took me about 6 months while I was in England, though most of the work was on and off. He's a random 6 inch action figure beneath, with a BSG Anders head heavily modified above the nose. Everything is cloth save for the boots and hands, which are action figure plastic. The belt is a mix between leather, plastic pouches from the action figure and an Elizabeth Swann bandoleer from the Neca Pirates line. The Lee-Enfield Rifle was made of styrene and 300 hours of time and patience, this thing is homemade down to the tiniest detail. The mud was cheap paint and some of my flatmates's bleached flour. The Base is from McFarlane military figures, repainted.

He stands somewhere around 6-7 inches.

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