Monday, October 18, 2010

Sithy Business

I can not even believe I haven't posted this yet. This is from, maybe, 2009? I think I did it in Exeter where I wasted endless hours drawing on that funny little desk in Clydesdale Rise. So in short, if your confused, the story is about three lords of the Sith (evil doers of the Star Wars universe) who meet in a back alley to discuss the state of the Empire and their next moves. The mysterious stranger is, well, mysterious. I never wrote a sequel to address who he was.

The whole story is lifted from a star wars roleplaying site I used to write on,, an I had been there for years. I first started writing there when I was 12 when the re-release of Star Wars: A New Hope had dazzled my mind. Previously, I had been heavily involved in the world of Professional Wrestling fiction... I dunno if that would warrant a comic book though ;)

So the work was done on Strathmore Medium drawing paper where it was composed first in pencil, and then finished in ink. I much prefer the final product to be in ink as its permanence transcends that of pencil and I don't have to worry about that messing smudging. I never understood why comic artists never insisted on inking their pencils (though some do). I mean, the final product is printed in ink, not pencil. While the artist may compose the image, the inker makes it real... and that is more than tracing.

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