Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Tide in the Affairs of Men

So this was for a contest at the Cartographer's Guild in which contestants were tasked to come up with any map whatsoever that featured NYC. The top three winners get a prize and the top 45 will go to Soho to be displayed in a digital art show over at the Soho Gallery of Digital Art. Prints will be available, so if anyone feels so inclined... ;)

So yeah, its cool in a sense as I like how the inks worked out with the energy of the splatters and the sketchy contours of the coast. But the areas of burnt like black ink irritate me a bit and I wish I did more to integrate them into the style better. Most of all, I wish I went for warm colors over cool as that would convey the energy of the city much better, but I had this image of the cold New York harbor stuck in my mind. So I went for cool.

Anyway, I can't wait to start my next mapping project for another contest over at the Cartographers Guild, this time the theme is castles. So stay tuned!

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